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How to Accept a Job Offer

Whether you have been searching for the perfect job on Seek or Yudu for weeks on end, perfecting your first impression for face-to-face interviews, or even if you have been headhunted by a prestigious recruiter – either way, you will be over the moon when you receive a job offer.


Assess Your Options Before You Move

For obvious reasons, New Zealand is one of the most sought-after destinations in the world to live and work. However, when people move here, especially if they work in engineering, construction or industrial industries, they only have a couple of cities in mind. Goals and aspirations of the big city life and endless work opportunities can […]

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Don’t Judge a Book By its Cover, Nor a Job by its Title

Many candidates can get fixated on job titles, where in reality, a job title is just a thin blanket covering a detailed and interesting role. However, job titles can become confusing when the same title means different things at different organizations and don’t always represent the same level of seniority. The purpose of a job […]

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The Scientific Approach to Finding a Job in 2018

Fully triggered when I read this advert disguised as a news article on stuff. The article doesn’t hide it’s intent to get candidates to check out the newly released Adzuna job board. Fair enough! They need to market to get candidates to connect with employers to sell adverts, but in an attempt to add value to job-seekers […]

How To: Ace Your Phone Interview

In an interview situation, everybody knows how crucial first impressions are. That first handshake, the amount of maintain eye contact you make and your introduction count for a lot, but what happens when you’re not face-to-face? Instead you’ve been invited to attend a phone interview. All that time practicing your handshake in the mirror has […]

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The Failed Job Ad

“Exceptional person still wanted for $150k+ salary job in Taumarunui“, I’m sure that you would’ve seen or read this article that has gone viral in the past month. If you’ve been living under a rock, the article covers the story of a high paying General Managers job for ‘Forgotten World Adventures‘ in… now here’s the […]

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December: The best time to hire

While companies across New Zealand work to tie up loose ends before the end of the working year, recruitment gets put on the back-burner faster than Michael Bublé in January. Hiring new staff is not a priority for many companies as compared to the new year where we see high competition for our best candidates.   We’ll let […]