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Three sites you can use to be seen by recruiters

Let’s say you’re about to start looking for work. You want all the help you can get. You can approach a recruiter like us yourself, but what if you could alert ALL of the recruiters in your industry at once that you’re looking for work? There are several ways to do this – let’s dive […]

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One Year Working at a Recruitment Consultancy

A year ago today I started working with Technical Recruitment Solutions as their new Marketing Coordinator. As a recent graduate with limited experience in the workforce, I knew very little about the recruitment industry and even less about the technical industries that we specialise in. Here are the most important lessons I’ve learned about the […]

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Dealing with Multiple Job Offers

Having multiple job offers on the table can be a tricky situation to navigate. Generally speaking, it’s not a situation you prepare for when you’re job hunting, as you don’t expect it to actually happen. However, as we’ve seen throughout the 23 years that we’ve been operating, it happens more often than you’d expect. How […]

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Working Remotely – Don’t be too quick to dismiss it

Working remotely – or ‘from home’ as is often the case – is an option that is becoming increasingly more available to employees across many technical disciplines. If you’re a job seeker who lives a little far off the beaten track, or an employer wondering whether employing people remotely is the right move for your […]

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Three things not to say in a job interview

How many articles have you read about what you SHOULD do in a job interview situation? If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably read your fair share. As such, it’s probably now more useful for you to read up on what you shouldn’t do rather than what you should! Here’s a modest list of just […]

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Work Breaks in 2019

Work breaks – do you know what you’re currently entitled to? And if you do, how about in May of this year when the Government enacts changes laid out in the Employment Relations Act 2018? Whether you’re currently working in New Zealand, or looking to move here for work, this will be relevant to you. […]

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The Salary Question

Firstly, happy 2019 to all of you reading our first blog post of the year. This week, lets talk about something topical. It’s the beginning of a new year. Many technical professionals will be considering looking for the next step in their career as a New Year’s resolution. It’s around this time that employers also […]

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Happy Holidays from Technical Recruitment Solutions

Just like that, another year draws to a close. At Technical Recruitment Solutions, we couldn’t be happier. We’ve had record-breaking success this year, placing more candidates than we ever have in previous years. The great thing about being in the recruitment business is that when we thrive, it means that you’re thriving as well – […]

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New Zealand’s Engineering Shortage

It’s no secret that New Zealand is a modest country. We’re modest in both geographic size as well as the our pool of available talent across many job sectors. Engineering is no exception, with some employers now finding it more difficult than ever to find the right people for the job. In this blog, we […]

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December – The Month of Opportunity

There’s a lot going on during the holiday season. You’re busy buying gifts, making plans to visit loved ones or arranging to take time off. Perhaps all of the above. It may be that the last thing on your mind right now is hunting for a new job – after all, wouldn’t it be better […]

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What’s the deal with cover letters?

Do I need one? Do employers even read them? How do I write a good one? Applications comprised of a cover letter and CV are common sights for recruitment consultants – however, we often see applications containing only the latter as well. Every job seeker knows that they need to detail their experience in a […]