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Woman in Trades – Building Success

When you imagine what a skilled trades person looks like, you probably picture a guy with a beard wearing a hard hat, work boots and dirty jeans. But what about the women?

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All You Need To Know About Transmission Gully

Good progress is being reported on the 27 km, four-lane motorway being constructed from Mackays Crossing to Linden through Transmission Gully, with large-scale earthworks currently the major focus of the project.

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Don’t Judge a Book By its Cover, Nor a Job by its Title

Many candidates can get fixated on job titles, where in reality, a job title is just a thin blanket covering a detailed and interesting role. However, job titles can become confusing when the same title means different things at different organizations and don’t always represent the same level of seniority. The purpose of a job title is to describe an entire day-to-day role in three words or less… as you can imagine this can lead to some inaccuracies.

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The Scientific Approach to Finding a Job in 2018

Fully triggered when I read this advert disguised as a news article on stuff. The article doesn’t hide it’s intent to get candidates to check out the newly released Adzuna job board. Fair enough! They need to market to get candidates to connect with employers to sell adverts, but in an attempt to add value to job-seekers they missed the mark. In between the “yeah, no sh*t” advice, the writer sells the idea that you need to simplify the job-seeking process to save time and avoid stress. If your physical input to your job hunt is a few clicks, your chances of landing that dream job are slim to none. Invested time and effort into your job search has better returns than Bitcoin (perhaps a bad comparison given recent BTC performance).

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The Failed Job Ad

“Exceptional person still wanted for $150k+ salary job in Taumarunui“, I’m sure that you would’ve seen or read this article that has gone viral in the past month. If you’ve been living under a rock, the article covers the story of a high paying General Managers job for ‘Forgotten World Adventures‘ in… now here’s the twist… the King Country town of Taumarunui.

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December: The best time to hire

While companies across New Zealand work to tie up loose ends before the end of the working year, recruitment gets put on the back-burner faster than Michael Bublé in January. Hiring new staff is not a priority for many companies as compared to the new year where we see high competition for our best candidates.


We’ll let you in on a little secret… December is the best month of the year to hire!

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Recruiting a Recruiter

Who do you trust with your career? Is the question every job-seeker needs to be asking themselves when working with an external recruiter. Having a great recruiter can truly be life change whilst a crappy recruiter can burn your career with only few sloppy actions. But how can you determine who is good and who is garbage? It’s tough when they all say the right things and make big promises.
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Head 2 Head: Permanent vs Contract

In recruitment, attracting the best talent within a competitive job market has always been the most vital aspect of the growth and success of any business. Although this principal still stands tall, recent employment trends have continued to indicate that an increasing amount of working professionals are turning to freelance/contractor work. Is this where the future of employment is heading? And are the benefits that much better than permanent work? Well, just like anything else, this decision depends on your individual situation and your preferences.

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Prepare for tomorrow by hiring today

Technical Recruitment Solutions have been recruiting for technical staff in permanent positions since our establishment in 1996. In these 21 years we have seen various trends and changes in the manufacturing, trades and services industry but 2017 was a year of dramatic change in hiring trends. With accelerated innovation in materials and production, automation and global competition it’s becoming increasing difficult to stay ahead of the market. Read more

Fonterra Leads The Way In Agricultural Sustainability

New Zealand generates much of its wealth from its agricultural activities, but at what cost to the land? 
Concerns about farming and the environment are not a recent development. Damage to the South Islands high country were first investigated by a Parliamentary commission of enquiry back in 1920. More recently, Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment linked a number of environmental issues to intensified farming.

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