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What’s the next big thing for Wellington?

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With Transmission Gully finishing up last month, many people are asking what the next big project for Wellingtons civil and construction sector will be. Transmission gully had been in the construction phase for the past eight years and cost…

The New Accredited Employer Work Visa

  Soon, New Zealand businesses will be able to start bringing in migrant workers via the Accredited Employee Work Visa (AEWV) framework. This visa will be introduced on the 4th of July. If your business is not accredited, you will not…

Happy Holidays from Technical Recruitment Solutions

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Just like that, another year draws to a close. At Technical Recruitment Solutions, we couldn't be happier. We've had record-breaking success this year, placing more candidates than we ever have in previous years. The great thing about being…

New Zealand's Engineering Shortage

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It's no secret that New Zealand is a modest country. We're modest in both geographic size as well as the our pool of available talent across many job sectors. Engineering is no exception, with some employers now finding it more difficult than…

December - The Month of Opportunity

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There's a lot going on during the holiday season. You're busy buying gifts, making plans to visit loved ones or arranging to take time off. Perhaps all of the above. It may be that the last thing on your mind right now is hunting for a new job…

The Transformation of Tauranga

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Last week we briefly touched on each of the cities of the North Island and some of their defining characteristics. One of these cities was that of Tauranga - an interesting place with a lot of history and one that has seen incredible growth…

A Beginner's Guide to the Cities of the North Island

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Let's switch gears this week and move away from the recruitment discussion. We're halfway through November, which means it's not long to go until 2019 is upon us. The New Year often inspires a lot of change for people, especially job seekers…
Recruitment Agents vs Recruitment Consultants

Recruitment Agents vs Recruitment Consultants

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When Technical Recruitment Solutions went through its re-brand earlier in the year, we made it very clear in all of our documentation and media content that we are recruitment consultants - not recruitment agents. Why did we do this, and why…

AI & Recruitment: The Future is Bright, not Bleak

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Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is the name commonly given to technology and machines that are able to emulate human behaviour and act independently to perform 'human' functions. Many industries internationally are currently undergoing change…
Womad 2019 Launch Daniel Hopkins

Womad 2019 Launch Attended by Technical Recruitment Solutions

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As you may have seen on our LinkedIn recently, a couple of our senior consultants were invited to attend the WOMAD Launch at the Parliament building in Wellington last week. What’s WOMAD, I hear you say? Why were a pair of recruitment consultants…
Introduction to Recruitment - A Free Resource

An Introduction to Recruitment (and why everybody wins)

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When I first took a job in a recruitment consultancy, I didn’t know much about the industry. I knew it was about matching job seekers with jobs, but I didn’t know that it was free for those people or that you can get more than just a job…

Demand for our Recruitment Services on the rise

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These last few months at Technical Recruitment Solutions have been some of our best yet. We've been pairing more candidates with new opportunities, delivering better results for even more clients, and we've been hiring internally to support…

Permanent vs Contract: A Debate Revisited

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“To be or not to be” was a question originally made famous by William Shakespeare in ‘Hamlet’. This is not to be confused with the question of “to be a contractor or not to be” which has been posed by technical professionals all…

An Insiders Guide to Recruitment Agencies

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Applying for roles at a recruitment agency is another great way to find a job in New Zealand. A good and reputable recruitment consultant may just help you to find your next job! Either way, we will definitely add value to your job search and…

Hiring Tips: Cultural Fit, Important or Not?

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First things first. Any candidate needs a fine balance of cultural fit and technical skill. Without a suitable cultural fit, how is the candidate going to work with others? and without relevant technical skills, how will the candidate do the…