The Failed Job Ad

“Exceptional person still wanted for $150k+ salary job in Taumarunui“, I’m sure that you would’ve seen or read this article that has gone viral in the past month. If you’ve been living under a rock, the article covers the story of a high paying General Managers job for ‘Forgotten World Adventures‘ in… now here’s the twist… the King Country town of Taumarunui.

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Head 2 Head: Permanent vs Contract

In recruitment, attracting the best talent within a competitive job market has always been the most vital aspect of the growth and success of any business. Although this principal still stands tall, recent employment trends have continued to indicate that an increasing amount of working professionals are turning to freelance/contractor work. Is this where the future of employment is heading? And are the benefits that much better than permanent work? Well, just like anything else, this decision depends on your individual situation and your preferences.

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Christchurch, The Sunrise City

Red eyed and under-caffeinated, I had an odd thought as my AirNZ flight began it’s decent into Christchurch early yesterday morning. Christchurch is a Sunrise City! not purely for it’s east facing orientation, but it’s rebirth following the earthquakes of 2011.
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Prepare for tomorrow by hiring today

Technical Recruitment Solutions have been recruiting for technical staff in permanent positions since our establishment in 1996. In these 21 years we have seen various trends and changes in the manufacturing, trades and services industry but 2017 was a year of dramatic change in hiring trends. With accelerated innovation in materials and production, automation and global competition it’s becoming increasing difficult to stay ahead of the market. Read more

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Stay or Go? The Counter Offer Dilemma

I had it! I was done! Enough was enough and I was out the door! All the empty promises, the bickering and bullsh*t. When I dropped the bomb, anger soon turned to sadness, through heavy tears they whimpered “I..I..I. can’t picture life without you, please please don’t go, I’ll do anything…ANYTHING!” Though tempting I knew I had to go and I DID! Now given this was my girlfriend and not my employer, I perhaps may not have first hand experience in dealing with a counter offer, in fact I’ve been told my last resignation letter has been laminated and framed in my old bosses office, BUT I’m sure the situations are similar enough to help you realize why taking a counter offer won’t fix your relationship but only delay the inevitable.
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