Christchurch, The Sunrise City

Red eyed and under-caffeinated, I had an odd thought as my AirNZ flight began it’s decent into Christchurch early yesterday morning. Christchurch is a Sunrise City! not purely for it’s east facing orientation, but it’s rebirth following the earthquakes of 2011.

“Chch” is where I began my recruitment career fresh out of university in 2011. My introduction was rough to say the least, recruitment is a tough industry even in affluent conditions. I coin the term “panic recruitment” where vacancies surface out of reluctance not want. I had to find daring individuals to enter buildings potentially containing bodies, replace the staff who couldn’t cope mentally, and tell candidates who lost everything that I couldn’t help them find a job. It was sh*t! I consider myself relatively thick-skinned, but after 3 years I just had enough, I was drained and my happiness and performance slowly slipped away. I packed up and left with no where to really to go but Mum and Dad’s house in Nelson.

Fast forward to yesterday I felt like I was exploring a new city. New airport, new roads, new bridges, new buildings, new sub-divisions, bars, hotels, businesses. I nearly wrecked my rental car as my head swung from left to right as I drop up and down my old stomping grounds, marveling at the progress. And where did the road cones go? I assume there’s an orange mountain somewhere out of sight. I did find a few on the way out to Rolleston, wonder if deep down I miss the road cones?

Maybe it was just my perception but the people just seemed to be generally happier! which was the most pleasant development. Once I had to jostle to establish my position in the road cone maze, and now a courier kindly let me merge into her lane. Everyone seemed to have a spring in their step. I even found a park in the city center! What was going on? Things got even stranger on a few client visits where I heard words I rarely heard 3 years ago; “new product range”, “expanding production”, “innovation”, “growth”, “new role”. Has the tide turned? Is this fronted footed recruitment, not panic recruitment? Sounds like it! It’s much easier to take a job brief based on a positive foundation.

Waiting in the departure lounge yesterday evening with a list of new jobs in one hand and beer in the other, I decided Christchurch had entered a new era or a “new day” backing the term: Sunrise City. After a long and dark period the light is finally coming back bringing new life, and it’s the early risers who will cease the day. In the context of recruitment it means there’s new opportunity in the once strong PRODUCTION and MANUFACTURING sectors of Christchurch. Even though I left my home in Riccarton, I’m “bloody stoked” to still be apart of the city where I started my career!

If you’re a technically minded individual looking to be apart of the 2nd coming, I would love to talk to you. Give me a call on 0800 171 000 or email and keep an eye on for the latest jobs in Sunrise City

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