It’s no secret that New Zealand is a modest country. We’re modest in both geographic size as well as the our pool of available talent across many job sectors. Engineering is no exception, with some employers now finding it more difficult than ever to find the right people for the job. In this blog, we take a look at some relevant articles on the topic and discuss what you can do, whether you’re a job seeker or an employer. 

New Zealand’s Engineering Shortage

Recently there’s been talk of New Zealand’s engineering and construction industries – while we’re making big strides and our workforce is tackling some multi-million dollar jobs countrywide, there have been concerns raised this year for the future of our engineering and construction industries. The information compiled in this article seems to indicate that a large reason for this is a lack of qualified engineers emerging from our tertiary institutes.

It would seem that the general consensus among engineering companies at present is that the future of engineering in New Zealand will rely heavily on overseas talent to assist on large-scale projects such as Dunedin’s upcoming 1.6 billion dollar hospital rebuild which is expected to span the next 7 to 10 years.


Alongside a projected $80M rejuvination of the waterfront district and underground infrastructure, Dunedin’s new hospital is going to require a great deal of labour hours from construction and engineering professionals.

Many companies nationwide have already responded to the need to hire from abroad for engineering positions. A few months ago, this video made by infrastructure service provider ‘Delta’ did the rounds on social media and across online news sites. It boasted of New Zealand’s beautiful landscapes and how the country offering overseas job seekers the ‘world’s best office’ to work in. If you’d rather read on than click the link above, the video is embedded at the end of this blog post.

Is this good news or bad news?

Depends on your perspective. If you’re a job seeker, either based in NZ or from abroad, this is definitely good news. It means there’s plenty of job prospects here for those engineers with the right experience and qualifications. Immigrating to NZ for work in our engineering sector is also easier than you may think, given that many engineering and manufacturing disciplines are officially areas of ‘skill shortage’ as defined by the New Zealand Government. Areas of shortage include civil engineers, electrical engineers, mechanical engineers and welders. View the full list of skill shortage areas on Careers NZ.

For employers operating in the engineering sector right now, things could be looking a little dicey going forward. It can be difficult to find the right people to bring on board locally as talented engineers are in high demand yet declining in supply. This is where turning to a recruitment consultancy such as Technical Recruitment Solutions can help to locate those talented individuals for you – whether locally or globally – and get you face to face with them. As time goes on, utilising the professional services of New Zealand recruiters is going to become more and more beneficial for any companies operating in a sector of increasing shortage.


An engineering sector shortage means job opportunities in NZ are plentiful for job seekers – but employers may need the help of recruiters to find them.

Are you an employer looking for the right candidate, or even the candidate themselves?

This is our area of expertise and we’re currently making big preparations for 2019.

For 2019, we want to ensure that the employers we work with know what is entailed when hiring from overseas. Immigration isn’t the headache that word on the street may have you believe. Give us a ring or drop us an email in the New Year and we’ll be able to shed some light on the process and provide you with material that should set your mind at ease.

For job seekers, all you have to do is hit apply on a job listed on our site that is a match for your skills and experience and submit your application. From there one of our consultants will get in touch and walk you through the next steps.


Thanks for reading this week’s blog post. Here’s that video I mentioned – take a look at how stunning our country is!

Article by Dario Luca, Marketing Coordinator

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    Hi there, I would like to know if there is a need for Engineering and IT specialist recruiters? I have 16 years experience and am looking to permanently immigrate. Thank you in advance for any feedback.
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