Preparing a CV in 2019 for New Zealand's Technical Industries

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Some of the articles to make their way around the internet in the last few years would have you believe that sending CVs/resumes is an outdated practice and that we need to abandon them altogether. This sentiment originates from a generation…

Working Remotely - Don't be too quick to dismiss it

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Working remotely - or 'from home' as is often the case - is an option that is becoming increasingly more available to employees across many technical disciplines. If you're a job seeker who lives a little far off the beaten track, or an employer…

Three things not to say in a job interview

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How many articles have you read about what you SHOULD do in a job interview situation? If you're anything like me, you've probably read your fair share. As such, it's probably now more useful for you to read up on what you shouldn't do rather…