How To: Ace Your Phone Interview

In an interview situation, everybody knows how crucial first impressions are. That first handshake, the amount of maintain eye contact you make and your introduction count for a lot, but what happens when you’re not face-to-face? Instead you’ve been invited to attend a phone interview. All that time practicing your handshake in the mirror has gone to waste!

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December: The best time to hire

While companies across New Zealand work to tie up loose ends before the end of the working year, recruitment gets put on the back-burner faster than Michael Bublé in January. Hiring new staff is not a priority for many companies as compared to the new year where we see high competition for our best candidates.


We’ll let you in on a little secret… December is the best month of the year to hire!

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Prepare for tomorrow by hiring today

Technical Recruitment Solutions have been recruiting for technical staff in permanent positions since our establishment in 1996. In these 21 years we have seen various trends and changes in the manufacturing, trades and services industry but 2017 was a year of dramatic change in hiring trends. With accelerated innovation in materials and production, automation and global competition it’s becoming increasing difficult to stay ahead of the market. Read more

The Candidates Guide to Fake Job Ads

‘Spike in Jobs Ads Show it’s a Candidates World’, ‘Job Ads up 5 Per Cent’, ‘Online Job Ads Continue to Grow Strongly’.

We’re constantly reminded through the media that job advertisements are increasing year by year, leading us to believe that jobs in New Zealand are of abundance. But how can we be sure that 100% of these ads are real? Well the reality is, we can’t. Fake job posts (aka. pooling ads) are everywhere and they always will be.
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