How We Help

At Technical Recruitment Solutions, it is our core aim to get the right candidates into the right job. Are you a skilled technical professional, wondering where your career should take you next? Are you apprehensive about which companies are right for you? Maybe you’re not sure how to go about making a move. Technical Recruitment Solutions will guide you through the whole process by supplying you with jobs that suit you, taking you through the application process and supporting you right through to placement. Not only this, but we provide this service to you for free. Lets talk about how we can help.

Our knowledge will keep you ahead of the market

We are often advised of vacancies in leading New Zealand companies before anyone else. As many of these roles are not advertised outside our channels, candidates working with us have an advantage over the rest of the job-seeking market in securing the best jobs.

We open the door to the most sought-after roles

In this business, reputation is everything. Through years of successful service, we have built long-standing relationships with leading companies across various industry sectors. These companies now trust our ability to fill some of their most important vacancies.

We won’t waste your time on ‘unsuitable’ positions

It’s paramount that we find the ideal fit for both you and the employers we work with. By getting to know you and your career goals, we can identify the opportunity the best suits you. If a role is unsuitable, it’s likely we’ll have other positions available. We can also confidentially approach employers who may have a strong interest in you, to identify potential vacancies.

Our experienced consultants will give you the edge

With in-depth experience of various industry sectors, our experienced consultants understand the marketplace. All are adept at selecting candidates that some employers may miss, and if needs be, can help rework a CV and introduction to best illustrate your true abilities. You can expect honesty, a fair representation as well as ongoing expert advice and guidance.

We have positions currently available – are you ready to make a move?