Writing CVs: Advice from the Experts

Writing a CV is something none of us enjoy, but they are the handshakes of job hunting. A strong one will leave a lasting impression on the hiring manager, while a weak one will see you left in the no thanks pile. Crafting a clean and professional…

Meet our Team: Andrew Hickey

Introducing you to our Senior recruitment Consultant, Andrew Hickey!

Meet our Team: Maya Carpenter-Salvador

Introducing you to our awesome recruitment Consultant, Maya Carpenter-Salvador!

What’s the next big thing for Wellington?

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With Transmission Gully finishing up last month, many people are asking what the next big project for Wellingtons civil and construction sector will be. Transmission gully had been in the construction phase for the past eight years and cost…

Considering immigrating to New Zealand?

On the 4th of July 2022, New Zealand’s doors will be opening, allowing migrants to apply for the Accredited Employee Work Visa (AEWV), New Zealand latest work visa. This Visa is designed to streamline the immigration process and create a pathway…

What I’ve Learnt in my First Month at a Recruiting Firm

My first month at a recruitment firm has been quite the experience! In the midst of Covid induced lockdowns and isolations, and the general madness of the world, I was fortunate to score a job at Technical Recruitment Solutions in Wellington.…

The New Accredited Employer Work Visa

  Soon, New Zealand businesses will be able to start bringing in migrant workers via the Accredited Employee Work Visa (AEWV) framework. This visa will be introduced on the 4th of July. If your business is not accredited, you will not…

BIM and the Future of Data Centres

    Commercial building is a complex and expensive undertaking, with extensive planning, designing and documentation involved. As these technical and compliance requirements have become more demanding, Building Information Modelling…

The Importance of Teamwork

We are a team here at Technical Recruitment Solutions, and today I want to focus and reflect on the importance of teamwork, its role in recruitment, and what that means for you. Teamwork: What is it?  "the activity of working together…

Three sites you can use to be seen by recruiters

Let's say you're about to start looking for work. You want all the help you can get. You can approach a recruiter like us yourself, but what if you could alert ALL of the recruiters in your industry at once that you're looking for work? There…

One Year Working at a Recruitment Consultancy

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A year ago today I started working with Technical Recruitment Solutions as their new Marketing Coordinator. As a recent graduate with limited experience in the workforce, I knew very little about the recruitment industry and even less about…

Dealing with Multiple Job Offers

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Having multiple job offers on the table can be a tricky situation to navigate. Generally speaking, it's not a situation you prepare for when you're job hunting, as you don't expect it to actually happen. However, as we've seen throughout the…

Preparing a CV in 2019 for New Zealand’s Technical Industries

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Some of the articles to make their way around the internet in the last few years would have you believe that sending CVs/resumes is an outdated practice and that we need to abandon them altogether. This sentiment originates from a generation…

Working Remotely – Don’t be too quick to dismiss it

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Working remotely - or 'from home' as is often the case - is an option that is becoming increasingly more available to employees across many technical disciplines. If you're a job seeker who lives a little far off the beaten track, or an employer…

Three things not to say in a job interview

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How many articles have you read about what you SHOULD do in a job interview situation? If you're anything like me, you've probably read your fair share. As such, it's probably now more useful for you to read up on what you shouldn't do rather…