The Importance of Teamwork


We are a team here at Technical Recruitment Solutions, and today I want to focus and reflect on the importance of teamwork, its role in recruitment, and what that means for you.

Teamwork: What is it?

 “the activity of working together as a team, or the skills needed to do this.” – Cambridge Business English Dictionary

Teamwork is a skill that can be learned, and something that can always be improved. Even in today’s increasingly remote and removed workplaces, the importance of teamwork should not be underestimated. It might be even more important today than ever before to ensure success and straightforward communication; everyone has to do their bit.

Teamwork and Recruitment:

Teamwork as a tool is important in recruitment because if we understand how individuals work, we can therefore understand how they like to work as part of a team, and what kind of work environment will suit them best when it comes to achieving their goals without compromising team fit. One method that we use to help us determine this is by conducting in-depth interviews with our candidates and clients.

In-depth interviews are a service we specialise in. A honed and mastered skill that takes years of dedication to listening, we use this tool to ensure that we find people that are a great team fit. By doing this, we can help you to avoid tricky situations such as conflicting personalities and the need for confrontation management. Though we cannot read minds, after 25 years of focusing on our 5 key industries we can safely say we know how to gain a good understanding of a person and how they will work to ensure a good fit.

A big positive in terms of teamwork is the effects on output from employees. Everyone knows a happy employee will perform better in their role, and teamwork has an enormous effect on this. Everyone can compromise to work with someone they do not want to, but it will inevitably affect their work if they are not content. By avoiding a conflicting situation in the first place, you can trust that good teamwork at least will not have a negative effect on productivity.

What we can do for you:

After more than 25 years working exclusively in the engineering, construction, and technical professions, we know how to make a team work together successfully – whether we recruit an entire team for you, or find a candidate that just fits, like a missing puzzle piece.

Our in-depth process around candidate interviews and detailed references means we find the information needed to make key decisions. We offer tailored solutions for your individual needs and know that one size does not fit all. Keeping up with the latest technology and methods such as utilising personality tests, is just one way we ensure utmost care is taken with the responsibility given to us.

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