An Insiders Guide to Recruitment Agencies

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Applying for roles at a recruitment agency is another great way to find a job in New Zealand. A good and reputable recruitment consultant may just help you to find your next job! Either way, we will definitely add value to your job search and long-term career aspirations with the connections we can provide you with.

How we work is simple, we are asked by our clients to find the perfect match for a vacant role. We then match a selection of CV’s with the job description, then send these applicants to our clients with the hopes that the applicants will be asked to attend a job interview. So basically jobseekers… We can do the job searching for you! Our consultants that you will talk to have years of experience in each of our industries, we will take time to find what you are looking for and match you to your ideal role.

How do I know the recruitment company is credible?

Most job seekers will leave their selection of recruitment agencies entirely up to luck by applying for jobs that they see advertised, this will lead to your automatic registration with a recruitment company. So before you go and apply to the top ten recruitment agency ads in order to “get your name out there”, just take a minute to realize the quality of the job ad as this will reflect on the company itself. This guide to fake job ads may help.

Another approach is to supplement your job applications with recommendations from people you trust. Once in contact with a recruitment agency, don’t be so quick to send them your CV, take some time to run through this checklist to figure out whom you’re dealing with.

Good agencies:

  • Will work hard to understand your motivations, your career aspirations, your history and more importantly, YOU!
  • Treat your relationship as a long-term one, not one that ends with a successful placement. Our consultants always make sure our candidates have what they need when they start their new role, we also catch up a month after you start to lend a hand and see how you’re doing in your new role.
  • Know what they’re talking about – they have a strong understanding of your profession and the jobs they’re working on. You can meet our team here.
  • Treat your application and personal details with respect and privacy. We will run you through the details each company before presenting you.
  • Hometown credibility! A recruitment agency that has stood the test of time is an invaluable resource. A larger, international agency will do business the way their corporate office tells them to whereas a locally-owned company knows the culture, the people and the business environment like the back of their hand!

Bad agencies:

  • Are focused only on candidates they can place immediately and make a quick buck from. If they never get back to you, don’t bother getting back to them!
  • Don’t take the time to get to know their candidates,
  • End contact with a candidate once they are placed in a job. “Job done, bye!”.
  • Send out your personal details to potential employers without your knowledge. You deserve to know where your CV is… right?
  • Don’t have an understanding of the roles they’re recruiting for and don’t have a relationship with the clients they claim to be working with. They may even try their luck by sending your CV to as many potential employers as they can.

If you are still unsure about who exactly you are dealing with, don’t be afraid to turn the interview on us! This shows us that you are serious about finding the right role and will also give us a chance to sell ourselves to you. Some good questions to ask are as follows:

  • How established is your business and your consultants?
  • Can you give me an idea of the types of clients you have?
  • What sets you apart from other agencies?
  • What will you do with my details? (This is important, as you need assurance from them that your personal details will not be sent anywhere without your permission).
  • Whom will I be dealing with?

You have nothing to lose when signing up with a recruitment agency. We are a great asset to your job search and could give you access to jobs that you probably wouldn’t have found elsewhere. Having a #KillerCV will help us to match you with your ideal job, here is an example of how to nail your cv. If we can get you further down the track toward the interview stage, be sure to read up on our interview tips.

If you wish to find out more about us then call us at 0800-171-000 or alternatively email me on

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    Indeed! A good and trustworthy recruitment consultant might well be able to assist you in your job search! In either case, the contacts we can provide will undoubtedly add value to your job search and long-term professional goals. Thank you so much.


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