The Scientific Approach to Finding a Job in 2018

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Fully triggered when I read this advert disguised as a news article on stuff. The article doesn’t hide it’s intent to get candidates to check out the newly released Adzuna job board. Fair enough! They need to market to get candidates to connect with employers to sell adverts, but in an attempt to add value to job-seekers they missed the mark. In between the “yeah, no sh*t” advice, the writer sells the idea that you need to simplify the job-seeking process to save time and avoid stress. If your physical input to your job hunt is a few clicks, your chances of landing that dream job are slim to none. Invested time and effort into your job search has better returns than Bitcoin (perhaps a bad comparison given recent BTC performance).

I don’t know who said it but complaining without solutions is whining, so here are the fundamentals for anyone serious about taking the next step in their career in 2018.

  • Timing: When is the best time to be looking? ALL THE TIME! Even if your not 100% set on leaving your current job or even if you’re very busy, don’t stop looking. The longer you observe the market the more positions you have to choose from. When you’re rushed into finding a job you’re more likely to make panic decisions and settle for roles beneath your expectations.
  • Cover the market: This doesn’t mean fire your CV at every job you see, from a recruiters perspective this practice is easy to spot and not well received. You need to be aware of all options in the market so don’t put your eggs in one basket, look at all the job boards, company websites, industry organisations, and most importantly, keep in contact with a recruiter who knows the sector you work in (my DDI is 04 282 0402). Seem like too much work? How does working a job you hate compare? Inputs=outputs that’s physics
  • ACT!: See a job you like? APPLY! Sounds simple, right? But here’s where MOST job seekers suck. You need a ticket to win the lottery and you need to apply to that dream job to get it, and it’s free! Even if you’re not 100% sold on the advert or your suitability, still apply! There’s no obligation to take a position and nobody will yell at you if you’re not the right fit. You need to be in it to win it.
  • Keep it tidy: Do I need to go over commonsense here? I can go on and on about how to write a CV but that’s another article for another day. Put time into each application, keep your CV up to date and cover letter relevant. Recruiters can identify effort and will reward it generously. Prepare for interviews, dress appropriately and be yourself!
  • Talk to people: A chat on the phone (or in person) is the best way to gather information. Don’t ask annoying questions like “is the job still available?” or ” Did you receive my application?”, “is it worth me applying?’, “can I come see you”, “what’s it paying?” or call the listing agent to rant about how great you are and how you can do the job standing on your head blah blah….If you do call the employer have a solid reason why! What do you actually want to know about the job? Ask for advice, they’ll give it to you. How do they see the market for your skill set? Any other roles on the horizon? Ask about the team, the product, the culture etc…

I can always go into finer details but I better get back to work. To wrap this up I state that you’re job hunt success all boils down to science!

Success = effort x attitude x opportunity x action^2

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