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For obvious reasons, New Zealand is one of the most sought-after destinations in the world to live and work. However, when people move here, especially if they work in engineering, construction or industrial industries, they only have a couple of cities in mind. Goals and aspirations of the big city life and endless work opportunities can sometimes overshadow the thought behind WHERE to relocate to. Before you make your decision, find out a little more about the cities that seem to go under the radar a little.

When people move to New Zealand to work in the listed industries there are usually two cities that they have in mind:

Auckland: The Supercity! Home to 1,534,700, just over a third of New Zealand’s population. Auckland is the de-facto place to be. The constant expansion and the amount of jobs are a big reason for the large and rising population. In Auckland, google maps is your best friend – There’s South Auckland, East Auckland, West Auckland, Auckland City, North Shore and then some. Auckland deals in just about every industry.

Christchurch: A South Island city that is still dealing with challenges from the devastating 6.1 magnitude earthquake in 2011, but i’m sure anyone would say that Christchurch is dealing well with these challenges. Christchurch has a real community vibe which is natural for a city that is reasonably isolated when compared to cities and towns in the North Island. A colleague of mine named Christchurch “The Sunrise City” due to a booming construction sector and endless work opportunities within the ‘rebuild Christchurch’ campaign.

The reasons that these two cities stand out as favorites are set in stone. Size and opportunity count for a lot. However, with Auckland property prices reaching an all-time peak and the amount of work in Christchurch on the decline, other cities are emerging as alternatives for those looking to live and work in New Zealand.

Wellington: Unique. Labelled the ‘coolest little capital in the world’, Wellington is much more relaxed than ‘hustle bustle’ Auckland but still is home to major cultural and sporting events that Christchurch doesn’t always have access to. Wellington is a big city with a community that feels like one suburb of Auckland. One thing that stands out for me is the central location of Wellington in New Zealand. For a newcomer to NZ, basing yourself in Wellington is a great idea. You are a short ferry ride to the South Island and an hour flight to the metropolis of Auckland, Wellington puts you in the middle of everything!

Now… If we wanted a travel guide, we would head to but we’re here for job and recruitment knowledge. Wellington is constantly undergoing a huge amount of civil and structural development, with many large projects providing a lot of work for skilled construction professionals. With one of the biggest projects in New Zealand located in Wellington, Transmission Gully Motorway, there are a lot of smaller projects under the top sheet.

New Plymouth/Taranaki: Is the home of New Zealand’s’ Oil & Gas industry. Not only is ‘The Naki’ home to this particular industry, but many would argue that the region is also home to surfing and hiking.

Oil & Gas exploration in Taranaki is heating up as TAG oil planned to spend $28.9 million on exploration, production and reassessment of old sites throughout 2018 on five onshore wells in the region. Oil & gas exploration and production accounts for 41 percent of Taranaki’s GDP and is the key reason the region has the highest GPD per capita in the country. This means more jobs, higher wages, busy high streets and well-funded community facilities. Not to mention one of the most spectacular mountains in New Zealand.

If you are looking at moving to New Zealand, or you are a New Zealand resident looking to relocate to another city then why not educate yourself about your options. There are many more spectacular cities that I have not listed in New Zealand that encourage some of the best lifestyles in the world and now is the chance to find out which city best suits you. So look beyond Auckland and Christchurch and really take the time to ask and research before your move.

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