Cheese, butter and milk powder manufacturing has been picked in the top five of 200 New Zealand industries to perform well this year, according to global business intelligence company IBISWorld.

The Cheese, Butter and Milk Powder Industries in New Zealand have been tipped by IBISworld to increase in terms of expected growth by 6.9% this year. The three categories are expected to reach $17.1 billion in the 2017-18 year, compared to $16 billion in the year 2016-17. These industries are booming, having the third highest growth rate behind townhouse construction (9.2%) and sustainable electricity generation (8.6%).  
Still, there is even better news for these thriving sectors. As the recovery of global prices and increased output in farms continues to increase, this growth doesn’t look like slowing down any time soon. Infant formulas in China and South East Asia continue to grow strongly, this seems to be the premium area in terms of industry growth. Recently, one of TRS’ clients, Fonterra has increased its forecast milk prices, showing that they obviously have a favorable outlook for milk prices in the current season. There are exciting prospects both domestically and internationally within this industry, growth here will create numerous job opportunities.  
 Cheese, Butter, Milk Powder
How TRS Can Help:  
So if you are planning for a career path in a booming sector, then the New Zealand food and dairy industry is where to look. TRS and our specialist consultants within this industry are well connected with a variety of companies, and we can get you connected. If you are interested check out our Food, Dairy and Pharmaceuticals page, alternatively don’t hesitate to contact our consultants in this sector by emailing Tony De Barr at or ringing us on 0800-171-000.

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