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Technical Recruitment Solutions have been recruiting for technical staff in permanent positions since our establishment in 1996. In these 21 years we have seen various trends and changes in the manufacturing, trades and services industry but 2017 was a year of dramatic change in hiring trends. With accelerated innovation in materials and production, automation and global competition it’s becoming increasing difficult to stay ahead of the market.

We believe that the best way to obtain knowledge is to hire it. You can try to teach an old dog new tricks or you can just get a new dog. Here stands an opportunity to progressively excel your company ahead of the pack with futuristic skills, ideas and knowledge to help you adjust to these changing times.


The Changes We’ve Seen 

Our consultants in the manufacturing and services field have experienced a change clients’ needs and wants. Clients no longer ask for engineers, they are increasingly asking for Continuous Improvement Engineers to keep up with the fast-moving market. Growth in Lean, Kaizen and 5S in this sector has contributed to the move toward ‘continual improvement’. These business processes act as paths to plan automation systems, and have been proven as the most efficient. Many international companies have adopted these processes, New Zealand however, is just realizing the immediate need for change,

The core idea of any manufacturing company is quite simple, to work on eliminating waste from the manufacturing process. Automation is used to automate routine tasks, eliminate waste, reduce cycle times, improve quality and achieve a systematic approach for continual improvement. We have seen fewer operator roles and more automated focused roles. Why? Modern regulations, new technology, market growth and material costs have created stiff competition within the industry. Companies are continuously trying to find new ways to improve their systems and many have recently shifted to automation as the most efficient manufacturing process.

Hire Knowledge

Change within the industry is only set to speed up, creating an even tougher competitive environment. To stay ahead of the pack and to see what knowledge you can hire, contact our experienced consultants who are always available to talk.
Contact us on: 0800-171-000 to talk to the members of our team. Email us at:,, for any questions or enquiries.

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