As you may have seen on our LinkedIn recently, a couple of our senior consultants were invited to attend the WOMAD Launch at the Parliament building in Wellington last week. What’s WOMAD, I hear you say? Why were a pair of recruitment consultants there? Dive into this week’s blog post to be enlightened.

What’s WOMAD?

The ‘World of Music and Dance’ festival takes place in New Plymouth early next year. It is a yearly affair with talented musicians – both local and international – flying in to perform at the 3-day event. In its first six years since its inception, the Womad festival reportedly generated $24.7m for the Taranaki economy, drawing in people from all over the country. Womad has now brought in $126m to the Taranaki region since 2003, according to Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern. It is expected to stay in Taranaki until 2024 although the event will likely continue yearly beyond the foreseeable future. Womad is essentially a celebration of creativity, art and talent that has become part of Taranaki’s culture over the last decade and a half that it has hosted the event. Womad 2019 Information

The launch event happens yearly as well, in Wellington at the Parliament building. It is here that the acts performing at the event are announced and several guest speakers make speeches about the event and give the public an idea of what it’s about and what to expect. There’s always a heavy press coverage of the launch event from several news reporting agencies – and this years was no different, especially given the Prime Minister herself was in attendance with a speech to make.

Why did we attend the Womad Launch event?

Rest assured, our consultants wouldn’t just leave the office for any old reason! As it turns out, one of our long-time clients in the Industrial & Energy sector (OMV) invited us to attend, as they are sponsors of Womad. Technical Recruitment Solutions is a recruitment partner to OMV, who are specialists in the oil, gas and energy industries. Over time, we’ve helped to place many professionals at OMV and often have positions come up with them – so if you’re a professional in a relevant field and want to work at OMV or somewhere similar, make sure to get in touch.

Daniel Hopkins John Kiriakidis OMV Womad Launch Parliament

Left to right: Patrick Collins (OMV), Daniel Hopkins, Tim Shackleton (OMV), Dominik Auer (OMV)

John Kiriakidis and Daniel Hopkins, our two senior Industrial & Energy consultants, both made the trip over to the Parliament Buildings (albeit not a very long trip – we’re based in Wellington CBD after all) and were able to see the Prime Minister and a number of other New Zealand politicians make speeches to announce the launch of Womad 2019. John thought he could avoid the cameras but thought wrong as we managed to spy him in a couple group photos online.

Womad Launch Parliament Building Stuff Photos

Our senior Industrial & Energy consultants, John and Daniel, are in both of these photos if you look hard enough! Photos courtesy of

If you would like more information on Womad 2019, such as the announced acts and other details that fall somewhat far from the ‘recruitment tree’ then you can read up on the launch event here. We’d like to thank OMV again for inviting us along.

To see more of what we get up to…

Remember that you can also follow us on social media to stay up to date on anything interesting that our consultants are involved in. We post daily on our LinkedIn page to keep our job seekers up to date with job vacancies we have on offer. LinkedIn is also the platform that we use to keep you all updated on any team excursions we go on, such as these ones. If you want to see other blog posts like this one, here’s one from a couple weeks ago when we turned our office upside down to accommodate two new staff members (who have settled in very well now!). We hope you all had a great long weekend and are refreshed and ready to face the rest of October head on. Isn’t the year just flying by?

Article by Dario Luca, Marketing Coordinator

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